Our Story

I am SO blessed to be able to sing these old songs with my three boys Jacob, Eli and Isaac. I thank God every day that I was raised in a family that not only loved music and the old time way but, more importantly,  loved the Lord and His word. As my husband, Russ and I raise our children, we cling to the same promises of God that our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents claimed. We are thankful for every prayer warrior that has paved the way before us. Please keep our family in your prayers as we spread the gospel message that will never change. Jesus saves!

Love, Nikki


Nikki studied music at Jacksonville State University and Brevard Music College. She has traveled with Kyla Rowland and The Rowlands, and was the original member of the female trio Sacred Calling. Along with singing Nikki is a song writer and author. She is currently working on a children's book series. Along with her heart for children's ministry, she has a heart for women's ministries. She has been the keynote speaker at numerous women's conferences in North Carolina, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi. She also speaks on a monthly women's broadcast that airs in three states. Nikki is blessed to be able to share the Gospel with her husband, Russ, and three sons, Jacob, Eli, and Isaac. She taught Music, Art, and Bible at Covenant Christian School in Cedartown, Georgia until God called them into full time ministry. Nikki's hearts desire is to share the Gospel and word, song, and deed that others may come to the saving knowledge of Christ and His Love.

Jacob is the oldest of the three boys. He is versatile in his harmony, he sings the lead and baritone. He is beginning to play the guitar. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and collecting John Wayne memorabilia.

Eli is the second of the three boys. He sings tenor for the group. Along with singing he plays the piano. Eli's hobbies include playing the piano, singing, and making people laugh.